Chase Bowman

Business Developer and Educator in New York

Chase Bowman

Business Developer and Educator in New York

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I am a Business Developer and Educator, currently living in Western New York.

I have worked for Global firms prior to establishing my own firm, specializing in financial sector (banks, stock brokerages, mutual funds, and insurance companies) and Law Firms.

Through hard work and innovation, I built my company from a thirty-thousand-dollar investment to a 50 million dollar per year gross revenue with a profit margin of 57% in five years. Our clients were the “who's who” of the financial sector: Baring Asset Management, TD Bank, CIBC, Scotia Bank, Mellon Bank, State Street Bank, Osler Hoskins LLP, and Gluskin Sheff LLP to mention a few. We did all this with a staff of 5 and the best technologies available. I did this while assisting NPOs and the community.

In year six a large global consulting firm made a merger offer, which was too good to not accept.

Through my work with NPOs and the community, I started my second career as an Educator. De La Salles Academy in Toronto asked me to become the Ad Hoc chair and teacher of AP courses; I taught seven courses, was the assistant coach of boys' varsity football and girls' cross country and helped developed the first of its' kind computer testing system.

In 2005, I moved to Western New York to start another consulting company. My major client was a South African company. In late 2016 they halted marketing in North America. Which was perfect timing because I was missing being and Educator. I joined Desales Catholic school In Lockport as the music teacher and remained there until I was recruited by St. Amelia School to teach one of their third grades and music in 2017. The Principal and I worked closely together to inspire the students' entrepreneurial spirits by creating the Entrepreneurial Fair. When the Principal retired in 2019 and Vice-Principal moved to St. Benedict School (SBS), I moved with her to become the designated School-wide Substitute Teacher during the pandemic. While at SBS, I started the Chess Club, holding school-wide competitions and tournaments. In 2021, I got a call from the retired principal from St. Amelia's asking me to meet with the principal of St. John the Baptist. I was hired on the spot to teach 6th & 7th Grades Science and religion.

I have enjoyed being able to teach and combine life lessons and skills in the courses I have taught.

Now it is time to return to my corporate roots.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Chase L. Bowman

email: [email protected]

cell/text: (716) 550-2611

  • Work
    • BFBF LLC
  • Education
    • BA and MBA
    • Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania
    • University of Houston
    • King's College
    • Dalhousie University
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