Chase Bowman

Business Developer and Educator in New York

Chase Bowman

Business Developer and Educator in New York

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I am a Business Developer and Educator Professional currently living in New York. My interests range from innovation to improving our education system.

I have worked for several Global companies before establishing my own consulting firm, specializing in Financial companies ( banks, stock brokerages, mutual funds, and insurance companies) and Law Firms.

Through hard work and innovation, I built my company from a thirty thousand dollar investment in 5 years to a 50 million dollar per year gross revenue with a profit margin of 57%. Our clients were the “whos who” for the financial sector: Baring Asset Management, Barings Bank, TD Bank, CIBC, Scotia Bank, Mellon Bank, State Street Bank, Osler Hoskins LLP, and Gluskin Sheff LLP to mention a few. We did all this with a staff of 5 and the best technologies available. I did this while assisting NPOs and the community.

In year six a large global consulting firm made a merger offer, which was too good to not accept.

Through my work with NPOs and the community, I started my second career as an Educator. De La Salles Academy in Toronto asked me to become the Ad Hoc chair and teacher of AP courses; I taught seven courses, was the assisting coach of boys' football and girls' cross country, and helped developed the first of its' kind computer testing system.

In 2005, I moved to New York to start another consulting company. My major client was a South African company. In late 2016 they disbanded. Which was perfect timing because I was missing being and Educator. I joined Desales Catholic school In Lockport as the music teacher and remained there until I was recruited by St. Amelia School (SAS) to teach one of their third grades and music in 2017. The Principal and I worked closely together to inspire the students' entrepreneurial spirits by creating the Entrepreneurial Fair. When the Principal retired in 2019 and Vice-Principal moved to St. Benedict School (SBS) I moved with her to become the designated School-wide Substitute Teacher. While at SBS, I started the Chess Club, holding school-wide competitions and tournaments. In 2021 I got a call from the retired principal from St. Amelia's asking me to meet with the principal of St. John the Baptist. I was hired on the spot to teach 6th & 7th Grades Science and religion.

I have enjoyed being able to teach and combine life lessons and skills in the courses I have taught.

Chase L. Bowman

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    • BA and MBA
    • Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania
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    • Dalhousie University